Mati + JahMal’s Backyard COVID Wedding

Surrounded by their families and closest friends, Mati and JahMal had the sweetest wedding celebration. Because of COVID, the pair decided to tie the knot in her parents’ backyard, and it was as dreamy as could be. With bohemian accents + personal touches, this day honestly looked straight off of your favorite Pinterest board. Take a look below to see some of my favorite moments from the day, including when their son joined them as they sprinted down the aisle as a newly married couple!

Fun Facts about Mati + JahMal:

There are 3 sets of twins between their families.

The first wedding JahMal ever attended was his own. When it was time to do the garter toss, JahMal was so embarrassed as his friends described to him what he was about to do… and to make matters worse, Mati’s dad is a preacher! JahMal turned to him and said, “I’m sooo sorry Pastor Greg, close your eyes.” It was priceless!



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