Surprise Lake Burton Engagement

Flash back to several weeks ago when I received an inquiry from a friend from high school. Drew was super excited to be helping plan her best friend’s surprise engagement. The plan was to head to the mountains for another friend’s “birthday weekend” at Lake Burton. But Drew knew Skyler had something else in mind for the weekend.

Flash forward to the day of the surprise, I started out towards Clarkesville, I checked in with Drew to see what the weather was like because I knew there were chances of snow in the area. She responded quickly and said it indeed was snowing. So I bundled up in all the layers I could find. When I made it to Lake Burton, there were tiny flaked still falling; however, none if it stuck. Nonetheless, this chilly afternoon couldn’t have been more beautiful.

As all their friend gathered on the dock, parents where FaceTimed and the stage was set. Skyler was taking a little long to “get ready”, so the pair was the last to make it to the dock. I watched them walk down the path towards the proposal spot (Kendall still completely oblivious), and tip-toed out behind them as they made their way in. Skyler had Big Big Plans by Chris Lane playing over the speaker… at this point Kendall still has no idea and makes the comment, “Just for the record, I’ve been ready!” Skyler looks at her with a grin on his face and says, “Put your purse down…”, and drags her out to the center of the dock. At this point Kendall starts piecing together what’s happening. After sharing a few quiet words, all of their friends looked on as Skyler dropped to a knee and asked Kendall to marry him. With tears in her eyes, Kendall said yes and celebrated with a sweet kiss.

Afterwards, there was champagne and hugs and more FaceTime calls to celebrate what had just happened in this special spot. The afternoon was so perfectly planned out, and it always warms my heart to be a part of something so extremely thoughtful!

Kendall and Skyler, I hope you enjoy this season of engagement and remember the love shared on this day for a lifetime!



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